News from the Yard.

YP have launched their SEO/PPC package for clients

November 2008

For details on a straightforward and “common sense” approach to keeping your website in touch with the competition please contact neil@yardpartners.com

YP engaged by OMOTG.com to develop new elite travel community site

November 2008

YP engaged by OMOTG.com to develop new elite travel community site aimed at providing advice from “Our Man on the Ground” contributors whether you are going skiing, traveling to the Caribbean or hitting NYC for a weekend.

YP Complete filming for Unilever Beverages Training

October 2008

YP deliver National Magazine Week campaigns for Uksubscribe and have are currently working on the new Christmas campaign spanning Affiliate Partners, E-mail marketing and PPC advertising

YP Complete filming for Unilever Beverages Training

August 2008

YP completed a two week green screen shoot in Edinburgh, shooting almost 3 hours of footage for the Unilever Online Tea Training rich media e-learning application.

YP to develop Newsweek Europe's homepage

August 2008

Newsweek Europe commission YP to develop a new subscriber-oriented front end to their existing online offering.

YP to develop second e-learning application for Unilever

July 2008

YP are commissioned to develop rich media e-learning for the IC brand category within Unilever.

TGP appoint YP to develop Project Management e-learning

June 2008

TPG appoint YP to redevelop their existing Project Management e-learning.

YP launch PPi Learning

May 2008

YP deploy PPI Learning Services's Content-Managed website to support both their B2C and B2B operations.

Lamarck appoint YP to develop identity and website

April 2008

YP appointed by Lamarck to develop Corporate Identity and roll out their new website.

YP develop rich media e-marketing module for Unilever

March 2008

YP have been appointed by Unilever to deliver a series of rich e-marketing modules. The scope of the project involves scripting and producing almost 20 hours of live action video footage and delivering this within a Flash based content managed interface.

YP Deliver new GTV website

February 2008

YP design, build and launch the new GTV website – Africa’s premium satellite TV network serving 14 African nations already.

YP Develop internal brand comms for Lipton

January 2008

Unilever choose YP for the development of further internal comms for the Lipton brand.