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October 2012

The end of September was an eventful time in the digital world, with the release of the not-so-successful iOS6 for Apple (who hasn’t got lost while using the new maps feature), the now infamous #waitrosereasons PR campaign and the unveiling of the newly designed MySpace –we’re still not convinced.

So what will October bring...

Facebook gifts: Attempt No. 2

Facebook are trialling a new approach to giving gifts, and this time not virtually. They are testing a service whereby users can send friends real gifts including Starbucks gift cards, cupcakes and teddy bears.

Recipients will be able to ‘unwrap’ a preview of the gift and enter the address they would like the physical version to be sent to. The trial will only be available to a small percentage of the US population until the success of the service has been determined.

Would you watch Waitrose TV?

This autumn, Waitrose are expected to launch a new website created purely for food-related video content. This will include sections dedicated to food, drink, ethical sourcing and interviews with cooking experts such as Delia Smith and Heston Blumenthal. 

The channel will include a ‘buy ingredients’ button, offering viewers the option to click through to purchase recipe ingredients or other featured products.