Want to see something different?

Take our expertise in digital communications, blend it with years of effective learning theory and with a little bit of design brilliance what pops out is fresh and exciting e-learning.  And it really gets results.

Immersive solutions full of rich video and animation, packed with interaction, all lovingly created to deliver the best solution for your learning needs.

Getting a message heard is one thing, getting it understood calls for a whole new set of skills.

What makes great e-learning?


E-Learning: Partnership

Partnership Approach

Working as part of your team to bring your creation to life is what we do best. Every successful project we have delivered has at its core a client relationship based on trust, honesty and responsibility.

Our first priority is always getting to know you, as an individual and as a team, understanding and your goals and objectives, and assessing your preferred style of working.  We believe that when taking on any project we also take on the responsibility of delivering the best solution; on time and within budget. Your goals become our goals and we take pride in all of our creations.

With a dedicated team at your disposal, whose abilities span a wide cross-section of industry skills, we provide a personal approach to working.

Our commitment is to provide you with honest, clear and supportive information throughout; no smoke and mirrors and no nasty surprises.


E-Learning: Methodology

Managing Effective Solutions

Our role is to breathe life into your idea and to get there we have it all mapped out.

From project scoping through to launch day activities and beyond we are there to take the strain and manage the process throughout.

As a digital design agency we understand that ‘using a process’ and ‘managing a process’ can lead to varying results.  With the emphasis on managing our projects, this allows the creative process to bloom and not be constrained by a ‘one solution fits all’ approach.

As your project is unique, we believe in creating a unique solution for you. We do not recycle previous projects in an attempt to squeeze your requirements into some pre-created template.

The creative stage is never the same twice. And that’s a good thing.


E-Learning: Creativity

Creative Design

Using the ‘latest’ technology and using the ‘most effective’ technology should never be confused. Luckily we've got the tech and the know-how to find the perfect balance that will get the best results.

Our solutions incorporate a wide selection of media rich techniques, designed to stimulate a range of learning styles and promote a modern, fresh approach that is relevant to all generations.

We have our own in-house video production team and use the latest equipment to capture the perfect scene.  We have travelled across the world capturing speeches from CEOs, knowledge sharing tips from company experts, real life scenarios for simulations and even managed celebrity actors to spice things up. 

Our team is bursting with creative ideas and packing the skills to turn them into reality.  Using awesome animation, professional video, intelligent and engaging interaction, is how we deliver an exceptional solution, and not just another online course.

Yes we have flash, but we also have substance.  We hold the values of learning methodology very dear. Our solutions are based on sound instructional design to ensure effective knowledge transfer.  With post-assessments to ensure knowledge retention and pre-assessments that prescribe user relevant learning, we provide the best in methodology served in a professional and creative style to exceed your learner’s expectations.


E-learning: Delivery

Measurement and Metrics

Depending on whether this is your first toe in the water when it comes to e-learning, or if you are an old pro, you will want to ensure that any project you launch has the ability to capture valuable usage information and produce reports upon request.   

This data may seem second place to the creation of your content but being able to produce management information, showing who used what, where they are based and how it has resulted in change, is a very powerful tool.  Get yourself armed with this information and even the most hardened Finance Director will be on your side.    

As part of our solution we provide the perfect tool to automate and aggregate all of your essential information in one place, whilst providing a simple portal for users to log in and get learning.  With an intuitive interface, branded to suit your requirements and with the option to integrate social media tools, the portal is customised to collect the specific items of data you require.  Measuring the success of your project is no longer an opinion, with the right data it is simply a fact.

If you already have an online learning portal or LMS we are able to create all of our solutions to be SCORM compliant.  As part of your project we will ensure compatibility with your software of choice, meaning that you can still get our high quality content without the need to launch a separate online facility.

Launch support

E-Learning: Launch support

Implementation and Launch

When the time comes to deliver your newly created content to the wider world, we are there to help you get the most out of your solution and maximise on your investment.

We don’t believe in creating products, we believe in creating solutions and that means seeing them right through to the end. 

As part of our service we help to create a plan for delivering the solution effectively to your audience.  Our team work to identify your success criteria and help you define a set of goals that the success of the project can be measured against.  This process is a critical part of delivering a successful solution and can often be forgotten by other developers.

Our experienced team will assist in defining a delivery plan that is specific to this project and relevant to your organisations cultural style.  We will then work with you to create pre-launch communications, launch day activities and promotions, user evaluations and an on-going plan for assessing return on investment.

A successful project for you means a happy customer for us.  That's why our customers just keep coming back for more.

Client projects

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