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Ben & Jerry's

The tastiest client...


Scope: Web Design, Build, Print and Promote
Yardpartners have been working closely with the Ben & Jerry's Social Mission team for over a year and to date have completed scrumptious projects in e-learning, a fully content managed social enterprise competition website and various print management. Currently we're hard at work on new website to promote the 'Happy Cows' petition they are running. 

For joinourcore.com we provided the SEO strategy and created a 'promotion pack' for each of the participating countries including a Twitter background, html email template and email signature.

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Hidden Dragon

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...


Scope: Strategy, BrandDesign, Build, Photograph, Print and Promote
There are no sufficient superlatives to describe Hidden Dragon - it must be experienced.  We are delighted to have been involved with HD from launch  - we have built a community of 5500 followers on Twitter, 1000 organic visits to the site per month and HD continues to go from strength-to-strength. Watch this space for more exciting developments from the HD team. 

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Get online..


Scope: Multimedia Disk Creation
We have worked on a number of key customer acquisition projects over the years - producing the Bridget Jones, Narnia and Glamour disks to name a few...not seen them - apparently you can buy them on eBay as collectables - the wonders of the internet!

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Tea and Ice Cream anyone?


Scope: Internal Comms, E-learning, LMS Reporting, Microsites and Photography
We have worked with Unilever for over 5 years and continue to do so.  We work very closely with both the Beverages and Ice Cream division and it is fair to say that we consume equal amounts of both in the office!

Most recently we've rebranded the Ice Cream E-academy and developed a sixth rich media module encompassing illustration, presenter and video. 

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Lemon Squeezy

Great food made easy...


Scope: Web Design, Build and Promote

We are delighted to be working with Lemon Squeezy - we need something to keep us on the straight-and-narrow after so many drinks clients for a start...just kidding - the concept is a good one - 'great food made easy'... something we all need helping hand with at times. 

The website contains a mix of sunshine design with complex development to work the recipes, meal planners, glossaries and articles as hard as possible while making the CMS equally as simple for the Lemon Squeezy team to constantly keep the content up-to-date, seasonal and fresh.

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Royal Bank of Canada


Scope: E-learning Portal Design and Build
We used our extensive .NET skills to develop an entreprise wide learning portal to sit alongside the RBC Learner Management System.  The portal is specifically designed to market internal courses to all office across the globe.  Working with the Toronto and London office we were able to create a portal with true global appeal.




Scope: Brand, Design, Develop, Promote & Print
Computer techys and yoga aren't known to be a famous partnership but in the case of Yoga Chez Moi we gave Fred & Ginger a run for their money!

Branded and desgined around a credits system - users of Yoga Chez Moi can choose from over 100 classes to stream online or download across Hatha, Yin and Astanga Yoga and Pilates, all from just €8.

We continue to work with Yoga Chez Moi through social media channels, SEO and email marketing. 

Did we mention we design and promote in French too?

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Stay informed...


Scope: StrategyDesign, and Build
We have worked with Newsweek Europe for many years and have assisted them in growing their online subscription service  - overhauling their legacy web presence in Europe, Latin America and Asia. We continue to work with them designing and developing promotional landing pages. 

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Supporting Better Dairy

We want happy cows...


Scope: Website Design, Build and SEO
Most of the EU’s 27 countries don’t have specific rules for the welfare of dairy cows, as they do for pigs and hens. This is unfair! We worked closely with the campaign sponsors (Ben & Jerry's, WSPA and Compassion) to design and build the site to bring awareness ensure the conversion rate to sign the campaign was the best it could be. 

They need 1 million signatures so go on, join the campaign...http://www.happycows.eu/en/sign

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Moncada Brewery

Notting Hills' own...


Scope: Brand, Design, Build, Print, Promote
We promise alcohol is not a theme for us, we just couldn't resist working with London's newest micro-brewery Moncada. Opened in August 2011 by Julio Moncada, Yardpartners firstly worked on the branding to suit it's Notting Hill location. We've since printed the brand onto beer bottle labels, cask stickers, bottle openers, bespoke bottle carriers, beer mats, beer towels and even the company van! 

Not to mention the digital side of the brand. We manage their social media accounts, SEO and the website was lanched in summer 2012 to coincide nicely with their aptly named beer, Summer! If you're in London, do check out their Stockists page...

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Avenue Litho

Print...pah! Digital all the way...


Scope: Design, Build, Photograph & Promote
This client makes our life easy.  The quality of the output from this high end printer is without equal and makes it very easy to promote to prospective clients.  Take a look at the site we designed and built and you will get a feel for the kind of work they deliver time and time again...we are big fans!

Search engine optimisation has driven Avenue Litho to the top spot on Google for many keywords including 'Luxury Printer' and 'Luxury Printing Services'. 

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Airwave Solutions

Critical Communications


Scope: StrategyDesignBuildE-learning, Intranet
We have worked with Airwave for over 2 years now and continue to develop digital projects to support their core business needs and those of their clients.  We have now delivered projects with Airwave to police forces, the NHS and other organisations who rely upon Airwave to provide first class communications.

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Sanjana Yacht

Mediterranean, here we come...


Scope: Design & Build, Promote
How do you sell a stay on a luxury yacht?  Have a look at Sanjana’s website we have developed to see a showcase of stunning imagery from the 10 berth, crewed yacht that can only be matched by the imagery conjured up from the descriptions of the greek island tours available... ahhh bliss!  While you are at it, why not enquire about availability in the booking section! To drive traffic to their new website, Yardpartners is also managing SEO, PPC and online marketing campaigns to ensure Sanjana is the first 'port' of call for any super yacht seekers.

So, what sort of yacht do you prefer?  Easy; a super one like Sanjana!

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Plymouth Gin



Scope: Design & Build, Transvision Delivery 
We designed and built the current Plymouth Gin website (as at April 2011) that coincided with their rebrand and new bottle design.  We also supported their advertising campaign delivery transvisions aired at all major London terminals

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Our Man On The Ground

International (wo)man of mystery!


Scope: BrandDesignBuild and Promote
We are delighted to work with an independent travel review site that really does focus on the positive.  If you are looking for a steer on what to see and where to stay...and most importantly what to eat...then look no further than Our Man On The Ground

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Haggards Crowther

South West London's local accountancy


Scope: Design, Build and Promote
Not just another city accountancy, Haggards Crowther is a family-firm servicing Parsons Green and Fulham. The site, launching in early 2012, was built on a Django plaform for full content management flexibility with a must for lots of local landmarks included in the designs!

Yardpartners continue to work with Haggards supporting them with SEO management and currently a print poster campaign based at Parsons Green tube. 

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First impressions count...


Scope: Web Design, Build, Mobile Development
A company in need of a boost? Look no further than the friendly team at Retriever. They help companies develop new business and ensure a great first impression on potential clients. No pressure for the web design team then...

Yardpartners were tasked to design and build a website to express their original and engaging 'Retriever' personality. We responded with a creative mix of illustration and animation developed on a Django content management system across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

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IPC Media

Read all about it!

Scope: Online advertising/Banners/MPUs
We were commissioned by IPC to develop a Christmas campaign for their range of magazine titles - Country Life through to Golf World...


The Year Round Gift!


Scope: BrandDesignBuild and Promote
We have over 15 years of experience in publishing and more specifically the development of subscriptions online.  Uksubscribe is a great port of call for anyone looking to secure a perfect gift for a loved one...or even buy something for yourself - you can save a bundle!

Uksubscribe now actively uses Twitter to run competitions, seek out feedback and build relationships. Monthly email campaigns are designed and managed.

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Amanda Court

Luxury furniture rental at its best!


Scope: Design, Build and Promote
We always love to help clients who offer unrivalled service and Amanda Court is most definitely in that camp! We were delighted to build a fully content managed website that showcases their work to potential clients. E-commerce coming soon too!

Amanda was keen to be recognised online in South West London and through SEO she is at number 1 on Google for 'Property Refurbishment Fulham' and 'House Doctor London' to name but a few.

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Infusion GB

Anyone for tea?


Scope: DesignBuild and Photograph
Infusion GB are a tea packing company who asked us to design a site that would convey the quality of their offering to prospective clients.  They work with some incredible brands and are going from strength to strength...ably helped by the content managed website...so they tell us!

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Stephane Gripari

Smile...you are on camera


Scope: Strategy, Design, Build, Print and Promote
If you haven't seen Stephane's work then you really should do two things - look at the website we created for him and secondly attend his upcoming show "Architexture" - Thursday 24th June 2011 - Blackall Studios, 73 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4QS.

Yardpartners built a bespoke content management system for Sgripari.com to ensure new collections could be uploaded at anytime and from anywhere in the world! We continue to work on search engine optimisation and social media management

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Scope: Design and Build
We helped Inzito develop an online presence that supports their business providing a once stop shop for all critical information about the company and projects they work on.  We delivered the site with a multilingual content management system (CMS) that allows Inzito personnel to edit, add and delete content in English, French and German.

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The Business Zoo

Sell, sell, sell...I said sell!


Scope: Strategy, Brand, Design and Build
The Business Zoo help small to medium size businesses increase their revenue through online sales training. We developed an innovative 'credit based' system that allows clients to build their own tailored package of PDF documents, telephone and email support.

Yardpartners continue to work with The Business Zoo on email marketing and manage the production of their e-newsletter. 

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Ridgeway Relay

Keep on trucking!


Scope: BrandDesign and Build

We love doing charity work but especially when for such a worthy cause.  Go and take a look for yourself at the efforts these guys are going to to raise money.  Why not dip into your pocket and support them too!

Yardpartners built a bespoke CMS to include Team Blogs, Twitter & Charity Pages.

We're proud to support the Relay for a second year running in 2012...

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Global Executive Search


Scope: BrandDesign and Build

We worked with Lancor to provide a web presence that would resonate with a global audience of time poor-senior executives...

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My Bookkeeping Online

Count those beans...


Scope: StrategyBrandDesignBuild and Promote
Apparently everyone needs an accountant.  My Bookkeeping Online is a fantastic piece of bookkeeping software that minimises the contact you need to have with them! Worth its weight in gold...although gold is difficult to account for...so your accountant would probably suggest that you stick to good old fashioned cash...as long as you have the receipt that is...

We work closely with MBO on their digital presence. Listening hard to social media conversations, reading blogs, managing the pay-per-click account (PPC) and creating a Twitter community. Most recently we have redeveloped the site to make browsing simpler for the two key audiences. 

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Executive Search


Scope: DesignBuild and Hosting
Flash-build website designed to showcase the company's credentials in delivering a first class service

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Harper Flowers

Blooming marvellous!


Scope: Corporate Identity 
Harper Flowers is a high end personal and corporate florist providing amazing floral displays for weddings and providing centre pieces for some of the most extravagant corporate atriums in London...and they are quite handy if you have forgotten the wife's birthday too.

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John King



Scope: StrategyBrandDesignBuild and Promote
Like hundreds, even thousands before us, we have learnt everything there is to know about shooting clays from John King - with the website designed, built and managed by Yard Partners you too could pick up all the essential information to get into a fantastic sport.

John has so much to tell the Clay Shooting community we created 'The Gun Room' to become the article hub for all budding shooters. In it's first year (with lots of search engine optimisation) it has attracted a huge 13,000 views. 

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Seeing red?


Scope: Design and Build
Delighted to be able to support the Bucks Referees Society...a fine band of upstanding men in the community...unless you are on the losing side that is!

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